Implementation of multimedia elements for the permanent exhibition at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.






Story in one shot

Royal Castle in Warsaw was completely destroyed by German soldiers during World War II then, carefully restored with the help of the citizens of Warsaw. Here is an amazing story in one shot.


Based on the logo of the Royal Castle we have created a logo of the exhibition.

First room


History - projection

Projection telling the ancient history of the Castle. From the time of its inception until the outbreak of the Second World War. Using the collage style we combined archival material made at different times and in different techniques.

Second room


War - interactive

The second room tells the story of the castle during the war. The projection is divided into three display screens simultaneously. In this room there are also interactive positions where there is more information.

Third room


Reconstruction - projection

The third hall tells about reconstruction of the castle. Decision of the authorities through all stages of rehabilitation and reconstruction to this days. This projection is also maintained in the style of collage.


Tube - interactive

In this room there are also places where you can learn more about the people who have most contributed to the reconstruction of the castle.


Wall painting

We proposed the adaptation of the corridor leading to the exit. Our idea was flames changing to the branches of trees. From red to green. From something terrible into something that builds hope. Unfortunately, the project was never realized.


Grzegorz Nowiński

Exhibition design

Studio Govenlock